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Mabru Power Systems
2015 SW 20th St. #106K
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
phone 954 467 1770
fax 954 467 1730


Marine Air conditioning > MarineAir Systems > Direct Expansion > Parts

Blower Assemblies
    Cabin Mate Replacement Insulated Blowers
    Cabin Mate Replacement Painted Blowers
    Cool Mate Replacement Blowers
    Flex Duct Direct Expansion Evaporator Replacement Blowers
    Rotary & High-Efficiency Vector and DX Evaporators Replacement Insulated Blowers
    Vector Compact Replacement Insulated Blowers


Carry-On Units and Parts Pricing


Compressor Parts
    Central System & Old Central System Replacement Painted Compressors
    Compressor Upgrade Kit Vector Blue Rotary
    Compressor Upgrade Kit Vector White Rotary
    Cool Mate Replacement Compressors
    Replacement Compressors for Vector Compact, Vector Rotary and current Cabin Mate
    Thermal Disk Overloads for Vector Compact and Vector Rotary, white
    Thermal Disk Overloads for Vector High-Efficiency and Central Systems
    Vector High-Efficiency units from the 80s and Old Blue Cabin Mate


Electronic Parts, Circuit Boards & Pressure Switches
    2-Knob Manual Controls
    3-Knob Manual Controls
    Circuit Boards
    Fan Speed Controls
    Maxx Replacement Parts
    Pressure Switches to install in Series with Compressor
    Pressure Switches to Wire to Circuit Board on Passport II Systems
    Screw on Pressure Control Tee Assemblies
    Screw on Pressure Control Tee Assemblies to Wire to Circuit Board


Pump Parts
    Pump Housings
    Seal Kits
    Touch-up Paints
    Wet End Assemblies


Refrigerant Circuit Parts
    Cabin Mate Reversing Valve Assembly
    Central System Reversing Valve Assembly Including accumulator and copper tubing
    Central System Reversing Valve Assembly Including copper tubing
    Central Systems T Fittings & "DEX" Valve Dual T-fittings
    Central Systems T Fittings & DEX Valve Balancing DEX Valve
    Condenser Coils
    Evaporator Coils VH, VR, and CM replacement evaporator coils
    Flex Duct Evaporators built starting 2003 evaporator coils
    Flex Duct Evaporators built thru 2002-03 evaporator coils
    Receivers & Accumulators
    Solenoid Coils Current CS6K Style
    Solenoid Coils Current CS9K-60K Style Solenoids
    Solenoids for all models built prior to 1995
    Solenoids for all models built since 1995 and all CS6K-60K built from 1995 through September 2004
    Strainers with Cap Tubes
    VC Vector Compact current evaporator coils with cap tube and strainer assembly installed
    VC Vector Compact evaporator coils
    Vector Compact /2 Reversing Valve Assembly
    Vector Compact Reversing Valve Assembly
    Vector High Efficiency Reversing Valve Assy
    Vector Rotary Reversing Valve Assembly
    VH and VR replacement evaporator coils with cap tube and strainer assembly installed







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