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Mabru Power Systems
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
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MarineAir Systems > Direct Expansion > Transition Boxes, Rings and Ducting > Blower Plenums

Blower Plenums

PDF documents:
Marine Air Aluminum and ABS Plastic Plenums Description
Ducting and Transition Boxes Features, Specifications and Installation Guidelines

Part numberShort description
2311005157T-BX T-Box VC7/E6 Universal
2311001867T-BX 4/3 T-Box VC7/E6 (4/3)
2311001807T-BX 4/4 T-Box VC7/E6 (4/4)
2311001857T-BX 5/3 T-Box VC7/E6 (5/3)
2311001707T-BX 5/4 T-Box VC7/E6 (5/4)
N/A *7T-BX 5/5 Available in Aluminum Only
23110051010/12T-BX T-Box VC10/12 Universal
23110015210/12T-BX 5/3 T-Box VC10/12 (5/3)
23110015010/12T-BX 5/4 T-Box VC10/12 (5/4)
23110014010/12T-BX 5/5 T-Box VC10/12 (5/5)
23110013910/12T-BX 6/3 T-Box VC10/12 (6/3)
23110013810/12T-BX 6/4 T-Box VC10/12 (6/4)
23110014110/12T-BX 6/5 T-Box VC10/12 (6/5)
23110050016T-BX T-Box VC16 Universal
23110013316T-BX 5/3 T-Box VC16 (5/3)
23110012516T-BX 5/4 T-Box VC16 (5/4)
23110012016T-BX 5/5 T-Box VC16 (5/5)
23110013216T-BX 6/3 T-Box VC16 (6/3)
23110013016T-BX 6/4 T-Box VC16 (6/4)
23110011016T-BX 6/5 T-Box VC16 (6/5)
N/A *16T-BX 6/6 Available in Aluminum Only
N/A *AL BOX 50 Custom Alum Box, 50-100 square inches
N/A *AL BOX 101 Custom Alum Box, 101-125 square inches
N/A *AL BOX 126 Custom Alum Box, 126-150 square inches







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